6 stage far infrared reverse osmosis water system 50gpd

6 stage far infrared reverse osmosis water system 50gpd

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For Limited time we are offering this system with double o-ring clear filter housings For FREE For a better seal against water leaks.











100% satisfaction guaranteed

Under Sink 5 stages 50 GPD Residential Reverse Osmosis System
For limited time get a Pressure Gauge worth $21.00 for FREE
Vertical Dry Pressure Gauge 1.5" - 1/8" thread, + pressure gauge connector 1/8" NPT x 1/8" MPT x 1/4" tube OD.
Vertical Dry Pressure Gauge 1.5" - pressure range 0 - 150 PS0I
+ pressure gauge connector.
Used to monitor the pressure going into your membrane housing. Pressure drops is an indication that the filters get clogged and to know when to change them.


1 year limited warranty against manufacturing workmanship defects,
no warranty on filter replacements.





Reverse Osmosis Detailed Description

RO water purifications systems will reduce and eliminate TDS (total dissolved solids) like salts and minerals from our drinking water. However contrary to common beliefs, less than 1% of the organic minerals are actually found in most raw water supplies. With the increase of pollutants, our water supply contains mostly inorganic minerals. Inorganic minerals consist of calcium, iron, magnesium, carbonate and lime compounds, which are not compatible with our bodies. The bodys cells reject theses minerals leaving dissolved inorganic substances (acid crystals minerals deposits) throughout the body. This accumulation of debris creates more work and trouble for the body, such as arthritis in joints, gallstones, kidney stones and mineral deposits in artery walls. Organic minerals that are considered soluble, which means the body absorbs sustenance into the cells, are found in our live foods such as fruits & vegetables. One glass of freshly squeezed orange juice would be higher in minerals than 30 gallons of untreated raw water. Purified water provides a necessary rinsing treatment for hydration purposes as our body is mostly fluid (over 80% water) and equally important to rinse impurities out of our body.  

Drinking purified water both prevents inorganic minerals from entering our bodies and removes inorganic mineral deposits already there.





Sunlight contains various light frequency waves. The normal absorption of resonant frequency for human body is 4 to 14um. This frequency wave band is called Far Infrared Wave, it can penetrate the human body of 2 to 3 um, This penetration improves body circulation and raises the body temperature.


 65~70% of the human body is made up of water, and each body cell contains 60~95% of water. The active resonant frequency of water is around 8 ~ 10 um. Our products are designed to maintain temperature between 30~70C which is within 8~10 um.


Far Infrared Ray can not only heal, but also be used for preserving, cooking, drying and heating. Far Infrared Ray technology can replace the use of harmful microwave technology, giving you a healthier living environment.


Far Infrared treatment can remove the accumulated toxins that blocks blood circulation from the body. As well as maintaining a balanced metabolism, aiding digestion and relieving constipation and relieving muscle tension in the body.



Far Infrared Characteristic:

Increase efficiency

Enhance antibody

Lower toxic gas emission

Reserve power

Relieve muscle tension

Remove stench... and lots

Improve quality and taste

Enhance fuel/diesel



Improve blood circulation






Typical Applications:

     Industry, Household usage: oven, electric heating tube

     Food:   Ceramic plate, Metal plate, Preservation box/plate, box, Ceramic
                  pot, Wine glass, Tea pot.
     Health: Heating pad, electrical blanket, irradiate light, knee protection, bowl,
                  clothes, pants, insole...etc




Bio-Ceramic granulate contained in this filter is the product, which is made of various kind of ceramics, mixed with mineral oxides like Silica Oxide (SiO2), Aluminum Oxide (Al2O2), etc. The mixture of these materials know as FIR (far-infrared rays) 

Hard: Ceramic, Metal type.

Soft : Clothe pad, plastic, foamed plastic, silicon, can be heated AC/DC.

Far-infra-red are also used in:

 Prevention of bacteria growth

 Relieving of pain

 Softening of hard water

 Eliminating bad odor in water

 Purification of air

 Strengthening and health improvement

 Speeding up repair of body cells

 Balancing of acid level in our body

 Normalization of blood cholesterol

 Preventing mould

 Enhancing and maintain freshness

 Helping plants to grow better



System General Specifications:

Minimum rejection rate of 95% of TDS

Product to Waste Ratio: 1:3L

Dimensions: 14.5"L x 6"D x 15.5"H RO Unit; 11" x 14" Storage Tank

Total Weight: Approx 27 lbs
 Storage tank: 3.2 gallon ( Storage capacity @ 60 PSI system pressure)  /tank total volume 4.4
  Gallon @ Maximum 100PSI Direct Feed.

Operation Temperature: 40F to 104F / Maximum temperature 40C.

System Operating Pressure: 45PSI to 75PSI.  

  - Lower than 45 PSI you must add booster pump + high pressure shut-off switch.

  - Higher than 75 PSI Add pressure control valve to fix the pressure @ 60 to 65 PSI.

System only to be used on biologically safe water supply.
Filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months under domestic conditions.

Detailed Description:

All required fittings & instruction manuals are included to DIY your own installation.




One Year Limited Warranty





- 1st Stage / 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter

To remove larger particles & suspended matter such as dirt, silt, rust, sand, algae, sediment, scale particles, dirt and cloudiness from water.

Replace every 6~12 months


- 2nd Stage / T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter

Gives your water sweet taste & remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, bad taste & odors.

Replace every 6~12 months or lasts 3,000 gallons


- 3rd Stage / CTO Carbon Block - Model# ST-CTO

To remove small particles and carbon fines may pass from second stage & to ensure 100% of chlorine removal.

Replace every 6~12 months



To remove particles down to 1/10,000 of a micron (which is 98% of impurities including Organic and inorganic, chemicals).  Replace every 2 years.


- 5th Stage /Inline T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 

Polishing GAC Post filter for a sweeter taste for the water and removes any taste or odor the water may have picked up while sitting in the tank.
Replace every 6 months or lasts 1,500 gallons

- 6th Stage /  far infrared water filter.

Replace every 6~12 months or lasts 1,500 gallons. 

- CE & NSF Certified durable 3.2 Gallons Tank Holding tank with Stainless Steel connection system.

- Upgraded DELUXE Faucet : Long reach spout drinking faucet.

- Auto shut off valve

- Check Valve 1/4"ODx1/8" MIP

- Quality Calibrated 400ML Flow restrictor

- Tank Ball Valve 1/4" OD x 1/4" NPTF

- 10 standard Housing Wrench

- 1/2" Feed Water Adaptor and 1/4" Ball Valve 105150

- Drain Clamp ( Drain saddle valve ) 


- 1/4 PE white color Tube: 5 meters/Length


For your convince, we included all installation parts in this package.



5 Stars
Water Systems Installer
I have been working with municipal water authorities globally for decades and your tap water is controlled and regulated. Bottled water is not controlled and regulated to the same degree as your tap water. Municipal tap water treatment processes do not treat water to the same degree as micro filtration systems installed in homes. These in home systems supplied by Maxwaterflow, remove harmful contaminents such as trace chemicals and pharmaceuticals resulting in pure H2O. It is cost prohibitive to have this type of treatment on full scale municipal water plants. If you want the best controlled water source and the degree of treatment to produce pure H20 it is highly adviseable to purchase an in house reverse osmosis filtration system from Maxwaterflow. I have installed various sytems from Maxwaterflow and they are reliable,simple and sustainable systems. Please contact me if you are interested in installing a Maxwaterflow system. JSM ENVIRONMENTAL John S. McDonald Toronto: 416 819 6223 jsmcd53@hotmail.com
Reviewed by:  from Greater Toront Area. on 1/10/2014
5 Stars
Top quality, great price. Good packing, quick shipment.
Reviewed by:  from Montreal,Canada. on 5/24/2013
5 Stars
easy to set up, great tasting water fast shipping, great price
Reviewed by:  from SASKATOON. on 12/12/2012

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