About Us


Max Water®  offers a wide range of Premium Water Filtration Systems. Pure water is essential part of a healthy life. We design, made and assemble complete selection of Reverse Osmosis Systems, Whole House Water Filters, Drinking water purifiers.


We committed to making life better for all, the best value, the excellent quality, unbeatable prices, better range and an overall better shopping experience. we do not only beating out the competition on price but is held up by the industry as a premium quality system that sits among the very best


Our Commitment to You
we promise to bring you better and your favorite quality products at unbeatable prices. We promise to offer quality merchandise - only those products that have passed our strict quality control guidelines to ensure product safety and longevity. We promise better service - friendly and helpful customer service is our priority. We promise better deals - our buyers source the world to secure the best possible products at the best possible prices.
We promise to continually improve and upgrade our stores to make your shopping experience easy, comfortable and enjoyable.


Why should I have to Buy from Max Water

We get asked this every once and awhile. It can be a difficult question to answer, especially without stomping on a competitor or revealing trade secrets. Some have been offended when confronted with this question... we personally love hearing it. Because it means we have attracted a customer who is the type to do research on a product before making a purchase... ensuring the right choice is being made. So I prefer to look at it as a compliment

We believe in two rules here at max water flow, we do not raise ourselves at the expense of our competitors, and we make sure (as much as we can) that every customer is satisfied. So in honoring these two rules, the question “Why should we buy from you?” is a very normal result.

Both literally and in business practices. This simple idea is what allows Max Water Flow to have returning customers who have spent in the thousands of dollars with us. The treatments of the customer, the ordering experience, the presentation are all important. Unfortunately, many of these things can't be discovered by looking over photos on a website. 

Our designs, materials, and way of running a business have influenced many in this industry. It's a great feeling to see your ideas expanded on by other companies - large and small.

Now why our product could be a good choice for you. Our pricing is fair and we have been asked so many times why our prices are so low comparing to other competitors. The reason why is that we are the direct importer for filters and spare parts used in our systems. We are as well the designers, manufacturers, assemblers and disputers of these products.

Every employee we have has the full knowledge to help you get the product you need. But we do not have any sales representatives or sales managers in our team. This means we do not have to add the commission rates, or retail profit margins to our prices. Adding those charges could bring up our price the almost the double.

We have Good discount rates with couriers, and instead of making profit margins on the shipping rates, we offer the very same shipping prices to the buyer threw an automated direct line between our shipping systems and website. So you can make sure that what you pay to us, we pay to delivery your package.

The website and payment processors are secure providing peace of mind, and multiple payment options are available. Our production times are low and reasonable. And we offer more models, filter combinations to suit your needs.

We won't bother listing our product specs, as most are in the product descriptions and others are considered trade secrets. Just know that the materials being used are of the absolute highest quality. And when you buy with Max Water Flow Systems, you buy into a promise a 3 years’ service and support. We take care of our customers. We have kept our company small enough to take of each customer, but large enough to provide the best possible option to the consumer.

To all of our loyal customers, many thanks. To all of our new customers, welcome aboard! And to those who came and looked around but didn't purchase anything... maybe we will see you in the future.

Best Wishes

Max Water Team