2 Lbs Mixed Bed Ion Exchange 0 PPM DI Food Grade Resin For Drinking only
2 Lbs Mixed Bed Ion Exchange 0 PPM DI Food Grade Resin For Drinking only

2 Lbs Mixed Bed Ion Exchange 0 PPM DI Food Grade Resin For Drinking only

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Detailed Description:

2 Lbs Food Grade High-capacity, mixed bed, deionization Ion Exchange resin, used for drinking RO system and any other application to create 0 PPM resin.

 If you are looking to use resin for specific aquariums or industrial, car wash, or window cleaning, it costs you cheaper to buy our industrial-grade resin part #104138-2 or 104138

Two pounds of resin is enough to refill a 2"x10" in-line refillable filter housing about 3-4 times or 2.5"x10" refillable filter (for standard 10" housing) about 2-3 times.

  • DI mixed Bed Resin Water filter – Deionization water filter
  • TDS meter is required to measure the life of the resin.
  • DI filter ( Mix Bed Resin ) named as de-ionization stage
Demineralization Resin used to produce 99.99% pure water by simply attaching this convenient deionization filter with RO unit. Convenient post RO filtration DI unit (RO/DI unit) provides crucial supplemental filtration to remove most impurities for pure polished product water. Excellent in areas with hard water. Produce 99.99% pure water. It will give you 0 ppm TDS, Conductivity attainable less than 0.1uS/cm or resistivity of close to 18 meg.ohm. Simply DI filter removes remaining of dissolved solids after RO system.

Grade: IonPlus™ MB-30 

Appearance: Spherical beads 

Description: High-capacity homogeneous mixture of strong acid cation and strong base anion for direct purification of water. It is suitable for use in regenerable and non-regenerable cartridges and for deionization with high silica removal efficiency. 

Typical Properties: Ionic form, supplied H/OH Water retention, H form 45-50% OH form 53-60% Volume ratio, supplied Cation 50% CA-11 Anion 50% AN-20 Total exchange capacity Cation 2.0 meq/ml min Anion 1.3 meq/ml min Shipping weight 0.70 – 0.74 g/ml Particle size 0.4 – 1.2 mm 

Operating Conditions: Operating temperature 60°C max pH range 0 -14
Mixed Bed Deionization

Filters/Parts for Item Number:104135-2


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