4 Myths About Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems, MYTH BUSTED!

Posted by Max Water on 7/1/2014


Max Water, a supplier of water systems, uncovers the myths about reverse osmosis water treatment systems to help homeowners ensure that they are drinking only the purest water available. Some myths have been about the process in order to make a sale, but Max Water is here to set the story straight.


The owners of Max Water understand the importance of having clean, pure water to drink, but want to make sure that Canada residents are not being taken advantage of by being told lies about reverse osmosis and its supposed benefits just so a company can make a sale.


The specialists at Max Water have uncovered these 4 myths about reverse osmosis and its benefits. They want all citizens to be aware of these myths in order to ensure that they are only drinking pure, not to mention safe to drink water.


  • Reverse osmosis does not remove harmful synthetics from the water. It might remove some synthetics, those which are too large to pass through the membrane used to cleanse the water. The problem is that certain, synthetics are molecularly smaller than water and pass through the membrane with the water.


  • Water created by some reverse osmosis units may not be safe to drink because of the removal of some minerals that the body needs. This means that the process removes minerals that a body needs, rather than just the harmful chemicals that the body should not consume.


  • Some reverse osmosis systems are not efficient; they actually waste water. Some result in two to three gallons wasted. This can become a very costly process for those that are uninformed on various ro units.


  • The quality of water may not remain constant over time. As the system is continually used, the membrane and filters become clogged with the trapped synthetics and residue that has been withdrawn from previous water. This may allow future synthetics and residue to remain in the water,  which may decrease efficiency. 


For more information about how to obtain pure drinking water that is safe and without synthetics, visit Max Water online at http://www.maxwaterflow.com/.