400 GPD commercial reverse osmosis water system
400 GPD commercial reverse osmosis water system

400 GPD commercial reverse osmosis water system

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Detailed Description: Commercial 5 Stage 400 GPD Drinking Reverse Osmosis System


  • Minimum rejection rate of 95% of TDS
  • Operation Temperature: 40F to 104F / Maximum temperature 40C.
  • Operating Pressure: 10 PSI to 75 PSI.
  • The system is only to be used for biologically safe water supply.
  • Filter cartridges should be changed every 2- 6 months.
  • This is the whole house system, including extensive installation instructions pictures, etc.
  • 1st Stage - 5-micron sediment filter 2.5'' x 20'' - Removes larger particles & suspended matter such as silt, rust, algae, sediment, particles, dirt, and cloudiness from water.
  • Replacement each 2- 8 months

  • 2nd Stage Pre-carbon filtration removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, bad taste & odor Gac T33 Coconut shell carbon filter 2.5 inch x 20 inch gives your water a sweet taste
  • Replacement each 2- 6 months

  • 3rd Stage CTO coconut shell filter 2.5inch x 20 inch , removes chlorine taste, bad taste & odor
  • Replacement each 2- 6 months

  • 4th Stage - 2 x membrane TFC 2012-200 GPD, Removes particles down to 1/10,000 of a micron / (98% of impurities including organic and inorganic, chemicals). replacement every 2 years.
  • 5th stage inline carbon - Polishing Gac post filter for a sweeter taste for the water and removes any taste or odor the water may have picked up while sitting in the tank.
  • Approx replacement each 2500 gallon

    Item Approx size: 17.5" (L) x 11" (W) x 33.5(H)" 

    System Weight Approx 55 Lbs - with packaging 58 Lbs

Including the following Accessories:

  • 2x Booster pumps, 3/8" PE Tube 10 feet, 1/4" Tube 16 feet, High-Pressure Switch, Low-pressure switch, Solenoid Valve, 1/2" Feed Water Adapter 105142 3/8" Feed Water Adapter Valve 105156 and 1/4"x1/4" RO Delivery Valve 105120 & wrench.
  • All filters and Membranes are included

  • If well water contains hydrogen sulfide, resulting from the presence of iron, sulfur, and manganese, and it isn't treated prior to reaching the RO membrane, this can lead to issues such as slime formation and buildup on the membranes. This problem may arise if hydrogen sulfide oxidizes or if sulfur bacteria are present. Since RO membranes alone do not eliminate odors, incorporating an iron filter before the membrane is advisable to prevent these complications.
  • slim-blue-sediment-filter-1000slim-blue-gac-filter-1000slim-blue-cto-filter-100020-inch-big-blue-cto-filter-100020-inch-big-blue-cto-filter-100020-inch-big-blue-cto-filter-1000

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