4G Countertop Alkaline Gravity multistage System / Ceramic, Carbon, Infrared, Silica sand, Mineral pot water Filter
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4G Countertop Alkaline Gravity multistage System / Ceramic, Carbon, Infrared, Silica sand, Mineral pot water Filter

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7 Filtration Stages Counter top Drinking Water Purifier.


  • For Families with rather More Water consuming rate, Capacity of 14 Liters Approx. 3.6 Gallons.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Dimension: 21" high x 12" Diameter.

Filtration Main Layers

1st stage: Ceramic Ball Filter

· Keeps dirt, sand, other particles and bacteria such as typhoid, cholera and from getting into drinking water. Replace your Filters frequently to ensure optimum performance from your Water Systems.

· Pore diameter of 0.2 micron while most bacteria range from 0.5 to 1.0 micron in size

  ·made of highly compressed ceramic with diatomic properties resistant to extremely high temperature. for replacement ceramic Filter click here 104029

2nd stage: Multiple 5 stage filters that contains the following

· Activated Carbon With Silver Coated Carbon Granules: Removes Chlorine, THMs, Organic Chemicals and unpleasant odors and colors.

· Zeolite Infrared Bio Ceramic ball: removes heavy metal such as Lead, Mercury, Aluminum and other harmful heavy metals.

· Silica Sand: removes Acidic components.

· Taste and odor GAC carbon stage, Removes remaining chlorine may passed from the previous stages.

· Mineral Sand: Reimburses Minerals subjects to the water which help in the Ph balance.

for replacement Mineral Filter click here 104054

3rd stage: Mineral Stone

Natural From the bottom of the sea stones, change the water to more natural water by an Ion exchange reaction. for replacement Mineral Stone Filter click here 104243

4th stage: Magnetic Tap

The Water flows threw a Magnetic Tap, which claim to Molecules the water so it will be more Absorbed by the human Body.

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