6 stage 75 gpd reef aquarium dual reverse osmosis water system ro di  with booster pump

6 stage 75 gpd reef aquarium dual reverse osmosis water system ro di with booster pump

Part Number: 101040
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This is a great system if you are looking for a reverse osmosis unit for your saltwater aquarium and want to use it for your drinking water too. Provides excellent filtration and includes multiple water connection options.



System Features:
- 6 stage RO/DI dual line system Drinking + Aquarium
- 75 gallons per day
- Booster pump kit ( 105013 + 105107 + 105109  )

- Deluxe Faucet

- T connecter, in order to connect your RO system directly to your fridge.

- Reverse Osmosis membrane flush kit & Manual flush flow restrictor 105126

- High Quality liquid type Vertical Hydraulic Gauge 105245


System Specifications:

- Minimum rejection rate of 99.99% of TDS from DI line and 95% from Drinking side.

- Provides bottled water quality, up to 50 Gallons Per Day / 189.27 Litter per day.
- Multiple uses: For your home quality fresh Drinking water, Making your tasty coffee & tea, preparing foods, wash your fruit and vegetables, line to your home Refrigerator or ice maker, aquarium use or your special plants and many more.

- Reduces: copper, lead, fluoride, cadmium, radium 226/228, selenium, arsenic, cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia, entamoeba & toxoplasm), barium, hexavalent chromium, trivalent

chromium, copper, lead, fluoride, Odor, TDS many more.

- Automatically shuts off when tank pressure reaches 65% of incoming line pressure. Once tank fills 2/3 of RO water the valve will automatically shut down system. Save monthly over

1000 gallons of water and extend your water system membrane life.

- Product to Waste Ratio: 1:2 Litters

- Dimensions: RO Unit / 15"L x 6"D x 17"H; Storage Tank / 11" x 14"

- Total Weight: Approx 27 lbs

- Operation Temperature: 40F to 104F / Maximum temperature 40C.

- System Operating Pressure: 15PSI to 75PSI.

Booster pump boost the supply water pressure up to 100PSI for optimal system performance,

If your supply water pressure is higher than 75 PSI; Add pressure control valve before

supplying your system to fix the pressure @ 60 to 65 PSI.

- High capacity 3.2 US Gallon / 12.11 Litter storage Tank.105006 / Tank total volume 4.4 Gallon.

- System only to be used on biologically safe water supply.
- Filter cartridges should be changed every 6 -12 months under domestic conditions. Varies

and depend on the water source quality.

Detailed Description:-

All required fittings & instruction manuals are included to DIY your own installation.
6 Stages of Filtration: 
- 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter 104002

- T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 104004

- Carbon Block Filter

- TFC Membrane 75 Gallons per day Made in USA. 104093

- Inline T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 104041

- DI filter (Mix Bed Resin) named as de-ionization stage 104045

System Standard Features:

- Auto shut off valve 105111

- Check Valve

- Tank Ball Valve

- 10" standard Housing Wrench

- 1/2" Feed Water Adaptor and 1/4" Ball Valve 105150

- Drain Clamp (Drain saddle valve) 105165

- 1/4 PE Tube: (10 meters/Length) 5 meters white & 5 meters blue

- Inline Quick Fit Ball Valve 105120

Replacement filters for Part Number:101040

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Part Number: 104045
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