Aquarium reef coral reverse osmosis system 100 gpd pure 0 ppm ro di water filter

Aquarium reef coral reverse osmosis system 100 gpd pure 0 ppm ro di water filter

Part Number: 101042
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6 Stages of Filtration:

Replace every 6 months or lasts 1,500 gallons

De-mineralization Resin used to produce 99.99% pure water by simply attaching this convenient de-ionization filter with RO unit. Convenient post RO filtration DI unit (RO/DI unit) provides crucial supplemental filtration to remove most impurities for pure polished product water. Excellent in areas with hard water. Produce 99.99% pure water. It will give you 0 ppm TDS, Conductivity attainable less than 0.1uS/cm or resistivity of close to 18 meg.ohm. Simply DI filter removes remaining of dissolved solids after RO system

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