Build Your Own Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System
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Build Your Own Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis System

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Part Number: 101007
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  • Note:By default, the tank, and faucet are not included.

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None (-5.00)
Deluxe CP 105054
Modern CP 105058 (15.00)
50GPD 104092
100GPD 104094 (15.00)
200GPD 104097 (35.00)
Pressurized Tank
Feed Water connection
6-12 stage In-line Options
Booster Pump Kit
Optional Accessories / Upgrades
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Kindly be advised that our Build Your Own RO Systems are designed for experienced users. We strongly recommend reaching out to us with any questions you may have before finalizing your order. Please note that the default configuration does not include the tank and faucet; to acquire a complete RO system, you will need to add these components separately.

Enhanced Description:

Customize Your Own Drinking Reverse Omsois System 

Tailor your Reverse osmosis System to meet your specific requirements with our personalized configuration options. The initial package includes the system as depicted in the image, featuring 3 pre-filters, a 50 GPD RO membrane, and 1 inline post-carbon filter, all at the base price. Should you desire additional stage filters, TDS meters, or pressure gauges, you have the flexibility to customize your system by adding these components according to your preferences. Please note that the final price may vary depending on the chosen customization options.

5 Stages of Filtration:

  • 5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter 104002
  • T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 104004
  • 5 Micron CTO Carbon Block Filter 104005
  • TFC Membrane 50 Gallons per day. 104092
  • Inline T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 104041

Optional Parts & Accessories

  • Dual Inline TDS Meter:105766 Measures water TDS from two lines and ensures that the unit is functioning properly.
  • Pressure Gauge:105246 To monitor the feed water pressure going into your membrane. Pressure will drop if the pre-filter gets clogged and helps to know when to change them.
  • Flush Kit:105126 Used to flush your membrane manually to extend the membrane life and efficiency. We will use another setup if you select system size 180GPD or any size system with a permeate pump.
  • Optional Pressurized Tank: Select this option if you would like to have a reserve tank with your system combination
  • Optional Faucet: If you've opted for a reserve tank, it is recommended to complement it with a faucet. By selecting the faucet + DI filter + Inline carbon filter option, your system will be connected in a series line with a single output line, unless you choose the Dual upgrade option. Opting for the Dual upgrade allows us to connect your DI filter in parallel. In this scenario, you must decide between an inline ball valve or a float valve to regulate the second output line (DI line). The control can be manual, utilizing the inline ball valve, or automatic, with the float valve. The faucet line will be connected to the inline carbon filter for drinking use, bypassing the RO water to the DI stage unless there is a specific requirement to connect the DI line sequentially with the carbon inline filter.
  • Optional Booster Pump Kit includes Booster Pump & Transformer + High-pressure switch.
  • Upgrade to 3/8" Output Line: Opting for this enhancement entails a comprehensive modification to your system. Upon selecting this option, we will replace the faucet connector, and 5-stage inline polishing carbon in/out fittings with 3/8" counterparts, along with the tank fitting and tubes adjusted to 3/8" specifications. It's important to note that with this selection, you will receive a 2 x 4 Feet tube in 3/8", while the remaining colors, as detailed in the tube description, will be provided in 2 x 4 Feet 1/4". The total tubing length you'll receive amounts to 16 feet

System Specifications:

  • Provides purified water with 0 PPM output (100% Rejection) if a DI stage is added.
  • Multiple membrane options from 50 GPD up to 200 Gallons Per Day.
  • Multiple uses: for your aquarium, hydroponics, some special machines/equipment such as dental equipment, quality drinking water for making your tasty coffee & tea, preparing foods, washing fruit and vegetables.
  • Reduces/removes: copper, lead, fluoride, cadmium, radium 226/228, selenium, arsenic, cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia, entamoeba & toxoplasma), barium, hexavalent chromium, trivalent chromium, copper, lead, fluoride, Odor, TDS many more.
  • Product to Waste Ratio: 1:2 to 1:2.5
  • Physical Dimensions: 15" L x 6" D x 15.5-17" H
  • Total Weight: Approx 16 Lbs or more depending on selected features.
  • Operational Temperature Range: 40°F to 104°F
  • System Operating Pressure: 45-75PSI
  • The system is only to be used for biologically safe water supply.
  • For your convenience, all installation parts are included in this package.

For lower than 45 PSI you must add a booster pump + high-pressure shut-off switch.

Higher than 75 PSI Add pressure control valve to fix the pressure @ 60 to 65 PSI.

5 Stars
Everything is fine,just love it. thanks a lot ,when we need anything we'll let you know.
Reviewed by:  from Tornoto - ON. on 10/3/2011
5 Stars
A great system with options for practically any setup.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Miss. ON. on 12/9/2013

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