Cation resin Water Filter Big Blue size 20"x4.5"
Cation resin Water Filter Big Blue size 20'x4.5'

Cation resin Water Filter Big Blue size 20"x4.5"

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Detailed Description:

20" Big Blue Cation Resin Filter

Cation exchange resin for hardness reduction & water softening

  • Size 4.5" x 20" fits Big Blue filter housings
  • Ion exchange process - Water Softener Hard Water Filter uses ion resin mainly to reduce the Calcium, Magnesium in tap water, and works to remove low concentration of Iron in tap water, any iron 1 PPM and higher, it's better to go with Iron filter.
  • Prevent hard water scale: water softener filters are a great way to soften the water before your espresso machine or washing machine, protecting your appliances from scale build-up.
  • Prolong the life of appliances- Softening the water before your appliance optimizes performance and reduces the chance of damage due to scale buildup.
  • High Capacity - Water Softening Capacity: 4500 Grains of Hardness | Maximum flow - 2 GPM
  • Operation Temperature Range: 40°F-100°F
  • Operation Pressure Range: 40-75 PSI
  • All filters are individually wrapped

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