Cation resin Water Filter Big Blue size 20"x4.5"
Cation resin Water Filter Big Blue size 20'x4.5'

Cation resin Water Filter Big Blue size 20"x4.5"

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Detailed Description:

20" Big Blue Cation Resin Filter

Cation exchange resin for hardness reduction & water softening

  • Size 4.5" x 20" fits Big Blue filter housings
  • Ion exchange process - Water Softener Hard Water Filter uses ion resin mainly to reduce the Calcium, Magnesium in tap water, and works to remove low concentrations of Iron in tap water, any iron 0.3 PPM and higher, it's better to go with an Iron filter.
  • Prevent hard water scale: water softener filters are a great way to soften the water before your espresso machine or washing machine, protecting your appliances from scale build-up.
  • Prolong the life of appliances- Softening the water before your appliance optimizes performance and reduces the chance of damage due to scale buildup.
  • High Capacity - Water Softening Capacity: 4500 Grains of Hardness | Maximum flow - 5 GPM
  • Operation Temperature Range: 40°F-100°F
  • Operation Pressure Range: 40-75 PSI
  • To avoid a drop in water pressure at home, it's important to maintain a minimum operating pressure of 60 PSI.
  • All filters are individually wrapped and you should always keep the product in a closed bag and moist to avoid any dryness. Avoid direct sunshine and storage should be at room temp 40 to 75 Fahrenheit.
Caution: To prevent and avoid rapid buildups in the pre-woven filter and ensure that the Cation filter has a longer lifespan from getting clogged quickly and causing a drop in pressure throughout your entire home, it's important to always install this filter after the sediment filter.

Additionally, it's recommended to follow this filter with either a CTO or GAC carbon filter to effectively combat any unpleasant odors that may arise. Without a carbon filter after the Cation filter, there is no effective way to address the issue of foul odors.

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