Ceramic carbon Filter black DOE Filter Size 10"x2.5"

Ceramic carbon Filter black DOE Filter Size 10"x2.5"

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ONE 10" DOC Ceramic Carbon Filter


The material is mixed with activated carbon to give your water sweeter

taste and removes Chlorine and Ador tastes totaly from your water



Removes 99.99% of smallest particles from your water source

removes suspended solids and pathogenic bacteria & many others  


Reduces up to 99% of particulate lead, iron and hydrogen sulfides. Reduces >99.99% of particles 1/2 micron  and larger in size including pathogenic bacteria.

Reduces asbestos fibers, dirt, chlorine taste and odor, mold, anthrax and other spores,
algae and removes 99.99% Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.
Ceramic filter removes particles from the water but leaves oxygen and mineral contents unchanged, which gives water it's spring-like freshness and taste (not "pure" but
wholesome). Pathogens of the most varied diseases which are reliably filtered from the
water include; cholera, typhus, cryptosporidium, amoebic dysentery, ecoli, colibacillose
or bilharzia, anthrax spores among others.

Ceramic filtration technology is often called "dead-end filtration and "depth filtration".
There are several mechanisms by which the ceramic element filters out particles as a
dead-end filtration




(The material is mixed with activated carbon) to give your water sweeter taste, removes all odors & chlorine taste.

(The material is mixed with activated carbon)

ID: 28mm

OD: 70mm

Length: 10inch

Operating Temp.: 4.4?-52?

Filtration Life: 6 to one year  months or 2500 gallons  (Depends on water quality & level of

Max. Operating Pressure: 100psi

Max. Flow rate: 8 LPM @ 3 Bar






Reduce harmful bacteria E.Coli, Cholera, Salmonella  

> 99.90%

Removes Rust, Sediment & suspended Solids

> 99.90%

Turbidity reduction

> 99.90%

Absolute Filtration  ( to 0.90 Micron)

> 99.90%

Normal filtration       (to 0.80 0.30 Micron)

> 99.90%

Max. Flow rate: @ 3 BAR - for cold water use only 

   8 LPM 





This ceramic water filter elements provides this following benefits

absolute Filtration to 0.05 micron

Removes algae, rust, sediment, suspended solids 

Inhibits the growth and reduces the following harmful bacteria by rate better than 99.99%

-     E.Coli

-     Cholera

-     Shigella

-     Salmonella

-     Klebsiella

Reuces Cryptosporidium by 99.999%

Reduces Giardia and other cysts by 99.999%

Removes Guinea worm

Reduce turbidity

Ideally suited for applications where mains pressure is low or gravity filter applications

Self sterilizing- does not require boiling

5 Stars
Ceramic filter
Item is very good in filtering sediment from well water water tastes better with the added benefit of not having to worry about bateria laden water it is definitely worth the investment
Reviewed by:  from Usa. on 7/4/2011

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