DI Pro Expansion (RO System not included)
DI Pro Expansion (RO System not included)

DI Pro Expansion (RO System not included)

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This is not an RO/DI system, but an expansion unit that provides a larger DI resin capacity. It should be connected after the membrane section of a RO system. !Note This system not coming with tube. if 5 meter is too long for you please checkhere

Aquarium/Hydroponics DI Pro Expansion

For saltwater/reef aquariums, dental offices, laboratories and any other application where 99.99% pure (0ppm) is needed. This expansion holds more DI resin than two of our large inline DI filters, allowing for longer uptime and less frequent cartridge changes.

Our 10" standard refillable cartridges (part #104023) also allow you to reuse cartridges by swapping out the depleted ion exchange resin, saving you money in the long-run and keeping extra plastic out of the landfill.

An optional Dual DI TDS meter gives you accurate monitoring before and after the filter stages, letting you know when it's time to change the filters and as well as your RO membrane.

For most setups running 100gpd or more, we highly recommend adding a Booster Pump kit to your RO system, you see the options available here.

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