ECOairflow / Model 1500 Charged Media Replacement Media Pads (quad pack)

ECOairflow / Model 1500 Charged Media Replacement Media Pads (quad pack)

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ECOairflow Residential Model 1500

The ECOairflow Model 1500 is our most advanced carbon filament style electronic air cleaner. Carbon filament technology delivers a superior level of charge to the glass fiber media than typical center screen style filters without sacrificing any efficiency.
The Model 1500 has a unique design that reduces the frame area by about 6%. This allows a greater charged area to be presented to the airflow resulting in reduced resistance (pressure drop), but generates greater filtration capability. It traps more harmful particles and at the same time, IT SAVES YOU MORE.

The Model 1500;

  1. Effectively traps airborne particles as small as .007 microns in size. Passive (non-powered) filters are not as effective anywhere below .03 microns
  2. We rate the filter at MERV 13* based on ASHRAE 52.2 tests.
  3. Presents little resistance to airflow saving you as much as 15% a year in heating costs over conventional throwaway filters. In other words, IT SAVES YOU MONEY!!!
  4. Holds a great deal of the material it catches, so you don't have to change the replaceable pads as often. Again, IT SAVES YOU MONEY!!!

Each package contains 8 pads, good for 4 changes.
Cimatec Aircleen 1500, Airsceen 1500, ToxBox; ECOairflow 1500; InnerEco Aircleen 1500, ToxBox
Please order your pads based on the size of your air cleaner, not the replacement media pad. Your air cleaner's nominal size will usually be located on a small sticker where you plug the power cord into the filter. Otherwise, measure your filter frame (including the power head on the end of the unit) and round up to the nearest whole inch.

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