Filter Housings

Important note:

Filter housing must be extremely protected against freezing and extreme temperatures. Filter housing should not be in direct contact with sunlight for a prolonged period of time, since UV rays can make housing brittle. Pressure should always be measured before installation, and water pressure regulators should be installed in the main line or in front of filter housing if water pressure exceeds manufacturer’s maximum water pressure: 60 PSI. Installers should make sure filters and replacement filters are the correct length;

Filters that are too long can cause excess strain and stress on the filter housing sump, therefore it is highly recommended to use our original filters supplied by Max Water Flow to prevent such incidents. A leak detector must be installed for all installations where high pressure, water hammer, and pressure spikes are known or suspected to be present, and on all installations where pressure is over 60 PSI. Failure to do so may result in cracking of the filter housing, water leakage, and/ or water damage.

Since there are cities of both warm and extremely cold temperatures in North America, there is no specific time to control the housing to prevent the housing condition from sudden cracks. To prevent costly repairs or possible water damage, it is strongly recommended that the filter housing sump of all plastic housing be replaced periodically: once every two (2) years. If your sump has been actively used for more than the recommended period, it should be replaced immediately. Always date any new or replacement sump for future reference, and indicate the next replacement date.