Fleck 5800-SXT Series AOM Birm, Iron & Manganese Whole House Filter System by Pentair 1.0 cuft Capacity
Fleck 5800-SXT Series AOM Birm, Iron & Manganese Whole House Filter System by Pentair 1.0 cuft Capacity

Fleck 5800-SXT Series AOM Birm, Iron & Manganese Whole House Filter System by Pentair 1.0 cuft Capacity

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Detailed Description:

The Fleck 5800-SXT represents a great step forward in the world of self-cleaning filters. Fleck has always made reliable workhorse water softeners, and filters, and while these tried and true machines are still in service today they were lacking some modern sophistication and conveniences. The 5800SXT has brought them into the modern era, customizable, efficient, multitasking machines that meet today's demands.

The AOM (Air-Over-Media) Advantage

A chemical-free way of removing iron and manganese from your water supply. A small air pocket is created inside the main tank over the media which together causes the iron and manganese to oxidize and become a particle which is then trapped by the Birm media. The cleaning cycle removes this from the Birm, repacks the media, and re-creates a new air pocket.

Is this system & method right for you?

There are a few things you need to consider before selecting this method of removal.

Is the pH of your water from 6.8 to 9.0? If your water is outside of these parameters or even if you sit on the edge, it's best to write or call to discuss a few ways of improving your removal conditions. Don't know your pH... you need a water test.

What is the intended maximum flow rate in your home? Why is this important... a single cubic foot of birm media has a maximum flow rate of 5gpm (gallons per minute). 

System  1 cuft system can produce 5 GPM  FRP Tank Size 9"x48"

1.5cuft = 7.5 GPM  FRP Tank Size 10"x54"

2.0cuft = 10 GPM  FRP Tank Size 12"x52"

Don't know your flow rate... Fixture counts and the number of people is a practical way when you have an endless water supply, well-pumping systems often are the limiting factor so a bucket test using a hose from your manifold or tank tee will work great.

H2S, Hydrogen Sulphide must be removed prior to entering this system, no oils present, no polyphosphates. Chlorine should be below 0.5ppm, Organic matter should be reduced below 5ppm.

You can learn more about Birm media on their brochure here.

Please direct any questions you have to us so we can help you choose the right size and system for your water.

Features and Benefits

  • Large Easy to Read Backlit Display
  • Battery Back-Up for Power Outages
  • Super Efficiency
  • High Flow Valve Design
  • Simple Programming
  • Low Maintenance

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What's in the Box

  • One Fully Assembled System*
  • Fleck 5800-SXT AOM Control Valve
  • Matching By-Pass Valve
  • Your Choice of 1" or 3/4" Piping Connectors
  • Pentair Structural Poly Glass Mineral Tank - Black
  • Highest Efficiency Birm Iron Reduction Media
  • Riser Rod with Upper and Lower Baskets
  • Full Sized Printed Manual
  • * If you live in an area that doesn't have an adequate courier service, don't worry we can often post a system in two or three easy-to-assemble pieces.


  • 5 years on the complete control valve
  • 10 years on the structural mineral tank
  • *Warrantied for manufactures defects

Available Sizes

  • 1.0 cuft Capacity, 09" Diameter by 48" Tall Mineral Tank
  • 1.5 cuft Capacity, 10" Diameter by 54" Tall Mineral Tank
  • 2.0 cuft Capacity, 12" Diameter by 52" Tall Mineral Tank
  • Smaller & larger systems are available upon request, please inquire about your specific needs

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