Full Package of Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump 50  to 75 GPD and accessories.
Full Package of Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump 50 to 75 GPD and accessories.

Full Package of Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump 50 to 75 GPD and accessories.

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50 GPD booster pump is designed for membranes rated up to 75 GPD

Includes DC 24 V Transformer +comes with DC 24 V Transformer + 2 Connect Fittings - 1/4" Tube OD x 3/8" MIP Elbow  Part # 105327 + High Pressure Switch + low pressure switch + Holding Bracket + T connector.
Fully installed and ready for setup into your system. (NO Reverse Osmosis system included in this package) the second picture only showing you how to setup this bracket into your system.


Note:  Using a Booster pump is recommended for those who have low incoming city water pressure of less than 50 PSI or they are on well water tank pressure 40 - 60 PSI. Buy this product only when your waste is not shutting off and/or the tank is not filling up after 2 hours. (do not buy this pump if you are on city water pressure is 55 PSI and up).  Contact us first if you are not sure what you are buying. This pump will not increase the production flow or the pressure for those who are on city water pressure 55 PSI and up.  This pump will not help those who would like to increase the water transfer volume/flow to the ice maker or the fridge or the RO faucet, that product is named a demand pump or delivery pump which is a completely different product. 


5 Stars
good very good serve !!
Reviewed by:  from Quebec. on 3/16/2013
4 Stars
RO Booster Pump Kit
Recently purchased the RO Booster Pump 50 to 75 GPD kit. Hooked it up exactly as instructions indicated... Quality out of the box was not great. Powered up the pump but it wouldn't start... checked with a meter and the high pressure cut out switch was stuck open because the diaphram was out of place. Once the high pressure switch was fixed, the fitting on the intake to the pump leaked and had to be repaired also. Once those issues were taken care of the, the unit has been working good. One additional note... the installation instructions indicate the high pressure is normally open when in actual fact it is normally closed. Kit was also missing the plastic tee and pieces of hose as seen in photo. The pump is very quiet (amazingly quiet actually). Output pressure on the high side of the pump is ~120psi. RO System works as it should now. High side pressure switch is adjustable which comes in handy.
Reviewed by:  from Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada. on 4/21/2013

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