Luxaire TC3 Central Home Air Conditioner System
Luxaire TC3 Central Home Air Conditioner System

Luxaire TC3 Central Home Air Conditioner System

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Condenser outdoor unit
Evaporator Coils ( Indoor Part)
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Detailed Description:

Luxaire Model TC3 Central Home Air Conditioner System

To order a complete Air Conditioning System you must select both a Condenser and an Evaporator option before adding the system to the cart.

Condenser: The Compressor/Fan unit is to be installed outdoors.
Evaporator: This is the cooling unit to be inside the plenum, on top of the furnace or air handler.

Following is the Condenser and matching Evaporator model numbers. Please make sure to select the same matching line Evaporator Model, Otherwise, your order will be delayed for verification with you regarding the mismatch.

Condenser's Model Evaporator's Model
Model #TC3B1821S 1.5 TON AC R410A HE30118A140A000449 Evaporator A-Coil 1.5 ton
Model #TC3B2421S 2.0 TON AC R410A HE31124A140A0004AP Evaporator A-Coil 2.0 ton
Model #TC3B3021S 2.5 TON AC R410A HE33130A155A000459 Evaporator A-Coil 2.5 ton
Model #TC3B3621S 3.0 TON AC R410A HE33136A155A000467 Evaporator A-Coil 3.0 ton
Model #TC3B4221S 3.5 TON AC R410A HE34142A200A000467 Evaporator A-Coil 3.5 ton
Model #TC3B4821S 4.0 TON AC R410A HE35148A200A000476 Evaporator A-Coil 4.0 ton
Model #TC3B6021S 5.0 TON AC R410A HE48160A200A000493 Evaporator A-Coil 5.0 ton

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Technical Specification

Note: We supply the Evaporator uncased as shown in the following picture, we can provide a casing for an additional charge. Please contact us for details.

The Premier Replacement Coil for Any System

  • Same features as rated coils
  • Perfect replacement for 8â€Ã¢€Å“12 SEER coils
  • Sized for legacy installations
  • Supplied with pistons for both R-22 and R-410A applications
  • Access port for easy TXV installation
  • â€Ã…“No Hassleâ€Ã‚ 5-year warranty

Installation Contracting Company details:

Accutemp GTA Inc.

Fully Certified Technicians HVAC Air/Gas

Licensed and registered contractors who will provides the end full product certification and warranty coverage.

For more detail please call our Technical line: (647) 202-8325

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