One (1) Cubic Foot, single bag, Water Softener Ion-exchange Resin 8% Crosslinked
One (1) Cubic Foot, single bag, Water Softener Ion-exchange Resin 8% Crosslinked

One (1) Cubic Foot, single bag, Water Softener Ion-exchange Resin 8% Crosslinked

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Detailed Description:

Strong Acid Cation / 44 Lbs Bulk Resin

A High Capacity Cation Exchange Resin for Domestic Applications (Hardness Reduction & Water Softening)

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1 Cubic Foot of cation resin for refilling home water softeners

Our high-grade cation softening resin is ideal for applications where the reduction of TDS or hardness is required or can be used as a pre-filter to prevent a build-up of scale on sensitive equipment.

If your Softener is more than five years old or there is a lot of iron in your water then you might need to replace your filter media known as Ion-Exchange Resin. We are providing new resin supplied in the very stable sodium form. Polymer Structure Styrene Crosslinked with DVB Functional Group R-(SO3)-M+ Ionic Form, as shipped Sodium Physical Form Tough, Spherical Beads Screen Size Distribution 16 to 50 +16 mesh (U.S. Std) < 5 % -50 mesh (U.S. Std) < 1 % pH Range 0 - 14 Sphericity > 93 percent Uniformity Coefficient Approx. 1.6 Water Retention Sodium Form 52 lbs/cu.ft. Solubility Sodium Form 42 to 49 percent Approximate Shipping Weight Insoluble Swelling Ca+2 or Na+ to H+ 52 lbs/cu.ft. Total Capacity 5 to 9 percent Sodium Form 1.9 meq/ml min Hydrogen Form 1.8 meq/ml min





Premium grade resin for water softening

Resin Type

Gel, Strong Acidic Cation

Matrix Type

Styrene DVB

Functional Groups

- SO3

Particle size range 

0.3 to 1.2 MM

% Moisture

43 to 50 %

Max. Operating Temperature° C

120° C 

Total Exchange Capacity, meq/ml


Volume change % max. pH Range, StabilityOperating

Na+ to H+
6 to 10

Cation Exchange Resin Cartridge for Hardness Reduction, Softening your water by releasing Hydrogen (H+) ions or other positively charged ions in exchange for impurity cations present in the water.

The process involves passing water containing hardness ions, namely calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) through a column containing a strongly acidic cation exchange resin in the sodium (Na+) form (i.e. the exchangeable cations are sodium). The calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for an equivalent number of sodium ions. The resin, once exhausted, (i.e. all the available sodium ions have been exchanged) must be re-charged. This entails passing a solution containing a high concentration of sodium salts such as brine (sodium chloride) through the ion exchange resin - a process known as regeneration.

Commons Cations: Hydrogen (H+), Sodium (NA+), Potassium (K+), Calcium (CA+2), Magnesium (MG+2), Ferrose (FE+2), Ferric (FE+3)


       ·Softening - Potable Water

       ·Softening - Industrial


      ·Efficient regeneration

      ·Good kinetic performance

      ·Low extractable

Typical physical & chemical characteristics: this is our high capacity resin that can be used in any water softener system.

The standard 9" tank uses 1 cu. ft., the 10" diameter tank uses 1.5 cu. ft. so you would need a 1/2 and a full cu. ft. order.

This is a high-capacity, bead-form, conventional gel polystyrene sulfonate cation exchange resin ready for use in household or industrial water conditioning equipment.

It removes hardness ions, e.g. calcium and magnesium, replacing them with sodium ions. When the resin bed is exhausted so that the hardness ions begin to a breakthrough in the effluent, capacity is restored by regeneration with common salt.

The capacity obtained depends largely on the amount of salt used in the regeneration.

This resin is also capable of removing in the same way dissolved iron, manganese, and also suspended matter by virtue of the filtering action of the bed.

- High Capacity Water Softening Resin 1 cu. ft.
- Standard resin used in all standard water softeners, 12-15 year life
- 8% crosslinked USDA, NSF, FDA approved
- Easy to replace resin in your water softener
- May ship in two half cu. ft. bags instead of one full cu. ft. bag

Hydraulic Characteristics


The pressure drop across a bed of ion exchange resin depends on the particle size distribution, bed depth, and voids volume of the exchange material, as well as on the flow rate and viscosity of the influent solution. Factors affecting any of these parameters such as the presence of particulate matter filtered out by the bed, abnormal compressibility of the resin, or the incomplete classification of the bed will have an adverse effect, and result in an increased head loss. Depending on the quality of the influent water, the application and the design of the plant, service flow rates may vary from 10 to 40 BV/h.



During up-flow backwash, the resin bed should be expanded in volume between 50 and 70% for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This operation will free particulate matter, clear the bed of bubbles and voids, and reclassify the resin particles ensuring minimum resistance to flow. When first putting into service, approximately 30 minutes of expansion is usually sufficient to properly classify the bed. It is important to note that bed expansion increases with flow rate and decreases with influent fluid temperature. Caution must be taken to avoid loss of resin through the top of the vessel by over expansion of the bed.

Backwash Expansion of Resin Bed

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