R.O. Membranes

Iron and Manganese are oxidizing. We recommend using a manganese sand filter to filter manganese. Excessive manganese will damage the RO membranes. Generally, we require feed water manganese less than 0.5mg/L

The water temperature and incoming feed water pressure are key factors in the performance of your reverse osmosis system. The higher the temperature, the more flow, and vice versa. Your reverse osmosis system GPD rating is based on 77°F water and 60 psi feed water for the residential 50 GPD membrane. Operating your system at a lower temperature and pressure will greatly decrease the water GPD rating of your unit.

CATION  Do not exceed 80°F water temperature as you will damage the membrane.  

Water temp           Rated for 50 GPD.                Rated for 100 GPD. 
    77°F                         50 GPD                                 100 GPD
    70°F                         44 GPD                                   88 GPD
    65°F                         38 GPD                                   76 GPD
    60°F                         36 GPD                                   72 GPD
    55°F                         31 GPD                                   62 GPD
    50°F                         27 GPD                                   54 GPD
    45°F                         22 GPD                                   45 GPD

The above GPD drop example applies to rest commercial membranes as well but the commercial membrane requires a pressure of at least 150 to 300 PSI to reach the optimum manufacturing GPD. 

For more information about membrane issues and how to maintain them, please open the following link and check Q 19 .