Rewards Program

How to collect reward points

0.5 Rewards Multiplier (For every $100 purchase, you make 50 points),  New Customer Account Registration (Click Here)

10 Reward Points for Newsletter signup

25 Reward Points for Referral Link

50 Reward Points for Google Review Post ‡

25 Reward Points for site Review Post

‡ To be eligible, please make sure to use the same email account for the review so we can match up your account to the review, let us know by contacting us CLICK HERE and we'll upgrade your account.

To write a review just google us (“Max Water Canada” or “Max Water Reverse Osmosis” good search term) and leave a review in Google's knowledge box.

‡ The point is valid for maximum one year .

‡ Online sales only.  Customers must have an account and placed an online purchase at to be eligible.

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