Shower Water Filter Cartridge for model 104225 and 104225C only

Shower Water Filter Cartridge for model 104225 and 104225C only

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Shower Water Filter Cartridge - Quantity 1 only


Three stages of KDF, Calcium Sulfite and Granular Activated Carbon.


Healthy Water, SPA at home every day, Safe & Natural to protect your hair and skin by purifying the bathing water, making your bath and rinse more comfortable, enjoyable and pleasant time.


You can enjoy the bath at home, to let the healthy water therapy your muscle, rinsing your skin, like baby to enjoy a fresh



KDF-55 Triple Media Shower Water Filter - to fit with your own shower head. 

The KDF shower filter is effective in removing or reducing chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, scale and water-soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and iron from your shower water.

KDF process media also kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

KDF process media are completely safe so the process is non-toxic and does not cause any adverse side effects.

* Effective in both hot and cold water
* Contains bacteriostatic media
* Back Flush Attachment to prevent premature clogging

* Reduces up to 95% of chlorine
* Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation
* Reduces 98% of water soluble heavy metals
* Reduces damage to hair and skin
* Eliminates foul tastes and odors
* Reduces lime, scale, mold and fungi in showers 



 - Temperature range: 4˚C ~ 60˚C.

- Effective Flow: 1 GPM

- Body Material: ABS

- Weight: 1 lbs.

- Dosage:-  100g KDF55 + 30g Calcium + 25g carbon.


- Dimensions: 5-5/8" X  3.5"


REPLACEMENT: Will typically last 37,854 litres or one year whichever comes first

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