Shower filter with Chrome housing

Shower filter with Chrome housing

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Shower Filters--SF-008 SF-188

·  Specification of SF-008

·  Model: SF-008

·  Flow Rate: 13/liters/min

·  Service Life: 6 months

·  Capacity: 5000/gals

·  Pressure: 40 `80/psi

·  Temperature: 5 `43

·  Dimension: 13.1×¢7.7mm

·  Weight: 0.5kg

Capabilities of Shower Filter SF-008

Super-hydrating improves and nourish skin.

Rejuvenated and moisturize your skin.

Shower your body with natural fragrant Spa for relation, great for infants and children or people with easily irritated skin.

Our shower filters help prevent dry skin, dry hair, eye irritation and itchy skin, helps to stop hair loss.

BIO allows the molecules in water to shrink, easing the hand washing process.

ALK turns water into alkalized water.

CASO3 remove chlorine and chemical in the water which can be absorbed through the skin like lead, aluminum and harmful radon gases.

helping to eliminate soap scum build up on your shower stall; unpleasant odor such as Hydrogen Sulfide and off-color tinting of hair by reducing chemicals that distort true color.

Replacement Filter cartridge part # 104027B 

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