Spa Hot Tub Hose Pre inline Pool Water Filer bacteriostatic Coconut shell, KDF

Spa Hot Tub Hose Pre inline Pool Water Filer bacteriostatic Coconut shell, KDF

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    • 6" x 2" inline filter
    • contain: 50 Gram KDF filter, Coconut Shell Mesh grade 30-40 Granulated carbon filter .
    • 3 x Nominal at 5 Micron media separating pads
    • 3/4" FIP Port x 3/4" MIP Port

    • This Three Stage Garden Hose In Line Water Filter uses only the highest quality KDF media and coconut shell carbon to significantly reduce chlorine, bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, water-soluble heavy metals, and microorganisms, providing you crisp, clean and safe drinking water. 
      Coconut Shell carbon is an excellent filtration media, having high density with a balanced pore structure for efficient absorption. The First Media is activated carbon to remove unpleasant taste such as taste of chlorine from drinking water. 
      The activated carbon removes certain chemicals that are dissolved in water passing through a filter containing GAC by trapping the chemical in the GAC. 
      The Second Media is KDF a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. The process also has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecitic, and fungicide, effect and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale. This filter used only with safe water that is not micro biologically unsafe, or of unknown quality, without adequate disinfection before and or after the filter. 

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