Strong acid anion resin for nitrate reduction, water resin - 5 lbs

Strong acid anion resin for nitrate reduction, water resin - 5 lbs

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Strong Acid Anion / 5 Lbs Bulk Resin 


A High Capacity Anion Exchange Resin for Domestic Applications 

- Five pounds of Anion resin is enough to refill minimum 10 times in-line refillable filter housing 2"x10"  or  7  times of the refillable 2.5"x10" filter housing that fits inside a standard 10" housing.

Detailed Product Description :

Exchange resin is a kind of anion exchange resin which has quaternary ammonium group in the styrene—divinylbenzene copolymer. Its alkalinity is similar to the general quaternary ammonium bases. It can be used as ion exchanger in acidic, neutral and alkaline mediums. This product has good physical strength, high heat resisting property etc. 

This exchange anion is intended for use in all type of deionization systems and chemical processing applications, for the production of ultra pure water; Treatment depose water, organic substance separation, antibiotic medicine refine, biochemical product separation and extraction.

Mainly use:For water purification, wastewater treatment, biological products and hydrometallurgy of tungsten, molybdenum extraction.

Uses: water softening, desalination of water preparation, preparation of pure water and high water.
Amino acid extraction and purification, extraction and purification of antibiotics.
Extraction and removal of heavy metal ions, separation and purification of rare earth elements, and organic synthesis reactions, as hydrolysis of the acid esterification catalyst.

When Tannins are present, it will cause a yellow such tea color in water and present taste and odor aswell. Tannins occur in water in almost any location where large quantities of vegetation have decayed. The structure of tannins depends on the vegetation in the area and varies from location to location. Tannin molecules tend to form anions in water above pH 6 and can be treated with anion exchange resins. Below pH 5 tannins are better treated with activated carbon. 

Product Specification for SA10A   

Replacement filters for Part Number:104133-5

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