Tap Water Contamination

Posted by Max Water on 4/25/2016 to Blog Articles
Many people believe that their tap water is safe and healthy. Recently, I realized this was not true at all.

In the summer, I took a nice walk on the boardwalk beside the lake. 
When I actually took the time to look into the water, I was quite surprised to see that the water was filled with debris, cigarette buds, empty bottles of water, used tissues, and other disgusting things floating on the surface of the water. 

Just think about it for a minute... This is the actual water source that eventually makes its way to our kitchen faucet. 
Sure, the water runs through a purification process before reaching our taps, but as studies have shown, it's clearly not enough. 

We need to educate ourselves about the detriments of drinking tap water while gaining an appreciation for the benefits of using a Reverse Osmosis water system. 

Still don't think tap water is that bad? Check out this report from NY Times and watch Dr. Oz further confirm that your tap water is contaminated.