ULP 4040 2600 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane
ULP 4040 2600 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane

ULP 4040 2600 GPD Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane

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Detailed Description:

ULP-4040  2600 GPD Commercial RO Membrane


Membrane Features

General Information


It is widely used for automatic water dispensers in residential areas and schools, direct drinking equipment in offices, pure water machines in medical laboratories,small-sized desalination devices etc.

Specifications & Parameters 
Model Active   Membrane Area ft2(m2) Permeate   Flow GPD(T/D) Stable   Rejection Rate (%)
ULP-4040 85(7.9) 2600(9.8) 99.35
Standard Test Condition 
Concentration   of Solution (NaCl) Temperature(?) pH   Value Operating   Pressure psi(MPa) Recovery Rate (%)
1500ppm 25 7.5-8 150(1.03)

Notes: The permeate flow of a single membrane element may vary within ±15%.

Operating Limits and Conditions of Membrane Element: 

Max.Working Pressure 600 psi(4.14MPa)
Max. Feedwater   Temperature 45 ?
Max. Feed Water Flow 3.6m3/h
Max. FeedWaterSDI15  5.0
Free Chlorine Concentration of   FeedWater 0.1mg/L
pHRange of FeedWaterDuring Continuous Operation 2-11
pHRange of FeedWaterDuring Chemical Cleaning 1-13
Max. Pressure Drop of Single   Membrane Element 15psi(0.1Mpa)

ULP-4040 Reverse Osmosis Membranes for many Applications such as:

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