Whole House

 Why you are planning to add a whole house to your home/office/ warehouse? How many people will use it? What is your house size? What is the incoming water quality? High Chlorine, High Iron, High sediment, or odder smell? do you have any existing filtration system? are you planning to install this system before or after your existing system?  If you have any questions and before contacting is make the above answers ready upon asking your questions so we will be able to assist you to buy the right product. 

Iron or Tannis: Tannins create a light yellow to dark brown discoloration in the water. A simple test for tannins involves filling a clear glass with water and letting it sit overnight. If the color settles to the bottom of the glass, the discoloration is most likely caused by iron and/or manganese and not tannins. If the intensity of the color remains intact, it is most likely caused by tannins.