Alkaline pH+

Hints to select the right System

- If you are on well water, buy a system with a Booster pump and UV light. " it's highly recommended "
- If you are on city water buy an 8 or 10 stage system if you would like to get Alkaline Water. The difference between the 8 stages and 10 stage system is that the 5-in-1 alkaline filter is a larger filter with 2.5" width and 11" tall and contains Mineral stone + Alkaline mineral balls, Calcite, Far Infrared ceramic balls, and maifan Stone. While the 3-in-1 alkaline filter is the smaller size with 2" in width and 11" tall and contains Alkaline mineral balls, Far Infrared ceramic balls, and maifan Stone.
- Select any system with a DI filter (deionization filter) to DROP your incoming water PPM to distilled water quality with 0 PPM ultrapure water quality then add the above accentual mineral and alkaline to the water. 
- UV light is not required for those who are on city water with exceptional chlorine in their incoming water.  But still, in some cases / for some countries UV light is required for the incoming city water if it is not clean enough. 
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Max Water Alkaline, Mineral and Infrared Reverse Osmosis Water System 8 Stages
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12 Stage UV, RODI PH 5-1 Alkaline 50GPD Max Water Premium Drinking Reverse Osmosis System
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Max Water Premium Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water System 10 Stages
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