Better Health Through Reverse Osmosis? 5 Reasons to Filter Instead

Posted by Max Water on 6/16/2014 to Blog Articles
There are many options for homeowners to obtain pure drinking water that is healthy and free from toxins. The specialists at Max Water talk about the benefits of filtered water as opposed to reverse osmosis, as many people think that the RO process is the only way to obtain pure water, when in fact, filtered water is better.

Better Water Quality For Your Family With Reverse Osmosis Systems

Posted by Max Water on 6/7/2014 to Blog Articles
Tap water is not the best choice of drinks in your home. The water that comes out of your taps contains many different chemicals. It is usually supplied from a well or from a city water source. Chemical analysis of tap water has been done in the past and when it is done, it may or may not be able to identify each type of the water impurity that is present.

Reverse Osmosis Explained in Simpler Terms

Posted by Max Water on 6/1/2014
If you have a degree in chemistry or have been working as a scientist somewhere, you would probably understand some of the terms that are often used to describe how a reverse osmosis water system works. If you are like most of the people in the world, hearing terms like solute and semi-permeable membrane are probably like speaking a foreign language. While the terms can sometimes be complicated, the process that is involved when using this type of system to deal with contaminated water is actually not that difficult to understand.
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