IRON Out Systems

Always install the Iron filter after 5-micron sediment filters to prolong the iron filter life. 

installing the system immediately with all 3 Filters loaded in will cause the CTO / 3rd Stage filter to be covered with iron fines, so when handling Iron Manganese systems, pre-preparation for the system is very important. (Note that only our 10"x2.5" Iron Manganese Filter can function as part of a 1-stage system)

For the first time use of the filters, load the sediment filter into the 1st stage housing (right), and load the iron-manganese filter in the 2nd stage housing (middle). Leave the CTO Filter out and leave the 3rd stage housing (left) empty. Connect the system to your house and open the mainline, opening the nearest faucet to flush out the residue of red finery, and leave it running for as long as the red colour in the water remains. Once the water coming out of the faucet is clear without a reddish color, your System is ready for the CTO Filter to be installed into the 3rd Stage Filter Housing. Stop the mainline, install the CTO Filter, and open the mainline again.

We ( Max Water ) are not responsible for any failure of damage that occurred to any type of replacement filters, for more detail please Click Here 
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