5 Stage 50GPD Drinking Reverse Osmosis System with 5 filters / without tank and faucet
5 Stage 50GPD Drinking Reverse Osmosis System with 5 filters / without tank and faucet

5 Stage 50GPD Drinking Reverse Osmosis System with 5 filters / without tank and faucet

CAD $220.00
CAD $184.95
Part Number: 101505~104550~105175
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  • Note:System includes all parts (tank, faucet, etc.) and filters as shown in the item description.

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Modern CP 105058 (10.00)
Modern BN 105063B (25.00)
Designer CP 105072 (10.00)
50GPD 104092
100GPD 104094 (15.00)
200GPD 104097 (35.00)
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Booster pump:
50 GPD FULL PACKAGE BOOSTER 105715 (185.00)
100 GPD FULL PACKAGE BOOSTER 105716 (215.00)
200 GPD FULL PACKAGE BOOSTER 105719 (295.00)
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Detailed Description:

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Clear Housings

Discover unparalleled water purity with our tankless 5-stage Reverse Osmosis System, featuring sleek clear housings. Crafted for household, culinary, and refrigeration needs, this cutting-edge water filtration system guarantees a continuous supply of impeccably clear and pure water. Experience the potency of multi-tier filtration, addressing impurities such as sediment, chlorine, lead, and mercury, achieving an extraordinary 97% reduction rate. Embrace the potential of this RO system to enjoy pure water, as each stage meticulously eliminates a diverse range of contaminants. Elevate your water quality with this exceptional Reverse Osmosis system and savor the pinnacle of clear, purified water. Your ultimate water purification solution awaits.


Filters/Parts for Item Number:101505~104550~105175

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