Ceramic carbon Filter black DOE Filter Size 10"x2"
Ceramic carbon Filter black DOE Filter Size 10'x2'

Ceramic carbon Filter black DOE Filter Size 10"x2"

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Detailed Description:

10" DOC Ceramic Carbon Filter

The material is mixed with activated carbon to give your water sweeter taste and removes Chlorine, odors and taste from your water. Removes 99.99% of smallest particles from your water source and removes suspended solids and pathogenic bacteria & more.

Reduces up to 99% of particulate lead, iron and hydrogen sulfides. Reduces >99.99% of particles ½ micron and larger in size including pathogenic bacteria.

Reduces asbestos fibers, dirt, chlorine taste and odor, mold, anthrax and other spores, algae and removes 99.99% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.

Ceramic filter removes particles from the water but leaves oxygen and mineral contents unchanged, which gives water it's spring-like freshness and taste (not "pure" but wholesome). Pathogens of the most varied diseases which are reliably filtered from the water include; cholera, typhus, cryptosporidium, amoebic dysentery, ecoli, colibacillose or bilharzia, anthrax spores among others.

The material is mixed with activated carbon to give your water sweeter taste, removes all odors & chlorine taste.


  • Inner Diameter: 28mm
  • Outer Diameter: 50mm
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Operating Temp.: 4.4°C-52°C
  • Filtration Life: 2-6 months or 2500 gallons (Depends on water quality & level of contaminants)
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 100psi
  • Max. Flow rate: 0.8GPM
Performance Standard
Reduce harmful bacteria E.Coli, Cholera, Salmonella    >99.90%
Removes Rust, Sediment & suspended Solids >99.90%
Turbidity Reduction >99.90%
Absolute Filtration (to 0.90 Micron) >99.90%
Normal Filtration (to 0.80 0.30 Micron) >99.90%
Max. Flow Rate: @3 BAR - for cold water use only 6 LPM

This ceramic water filter elements provides this following benefits:

  • Absolute Filtration to 0.05 micron
  • Removes algae, rust, sediment, suspended solids
  • Inhibits the growth and reduces the following harmful bacteria by rate better than 99.99%:
    • E.Coli
    • Cholera
    • Shigella
    • Salmonella
    • Klebsiella
  • Reduces Cryptosporidium by 99.999%
  • Reduces Giardia and other cysts by 99.999%
  • Removes Guinea Worm
  • Reduces Turbidity
  • Ideally suited for applications where mains pressure is low or gravity filter applications

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