6-stage Reverse Osmosis System with Booster Pump & UV Sterilizer
6-stage Reverse Osmosis System with Booster Pump & UV Sterilizer

6-stage Reverse Osmosis System with Booster Pump & UV Sterilizer

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Part Number: 101058
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Modern CP 105058
Modern BN 105063B (15.00)
Designer CP 105072
Designer BN 105079 (15.00)
50GPD 104092
100GPD 104094 (15.00)
200GPD 104097 (35.00)
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50 GPD FULL PACKAGE BOOSTER 105715 (185.00)
100 GPD FULL PACKAGE BOOSTER 105716 (215.00)
200 GPD FULL PACKAGE BOOSTER 105719 (295.00)
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Detailed Description:

6-stage RO System with UV Sterilizer & Booster Pump

Our 6-stage under-sink reverse osmosis system gives you pure, fresh-tasting water. Like all of our RO systems, this one removes silt, dirt, and chlorine and also filters out 98% of impurities including lead and mercury. This ultra-pure water is then sterilized with powerful UV light to kill any micro-organisms.

This system is good for those who are on well water, river water, Rain collet tanks, catchment tank, other not chlorine-treated water with no pressure. 


  • Smaller water clusters; its easily absorbed into your body cells, gets more nutrients directly into your cells and takes wastes out of your body also provides better hydration for skin and cells.
  • Removes acidic elements that are the cause of many chronically diseases.
  • A powerful antioxidant that removes free radicals that are also the source of aging and many diseases.
  • Great source of Calcium, good for healthy bones and teeth.

Stages of Filtration:

  • 1st Stage: 5-micron Polypropylene Sediment Filter 104002
  • 2nd Stage: T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 104004
  • 3rd Stage: 5-micron CTO Carbon Block Water Filter 104005
  • 4th Stage: TFC 50GPD RO Membrane 104092
  • 5th Stage: UV light 1 GPM / 6 W UV Ray Sterilizer / Philips UV bulb 105551 replacement bulb 105027 *
  • 6th Stage: Inline T33 GAC Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 104041
* Older models search 105037 or 105024  (always check your UV bulb model in your system before purchasing the replacement) UV bulb mus the changed every 8000 hours or Maximum 12 month. 


  • Bad Tastes and Odors
  • Lead
  • Flouride
  • Chlorine
  • Copper
  • Cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba & Toxoplasm)
  • Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi


  • 6-stage RO Unit with clear pre-filter housings
  • Selected RO Membrane Price may vary
  • Selected Faucet (Price may vary)
  • One set of installed pre-filters
  • 3.2 Gallon RO Storage Tank
  • Dry Vertical Pressure Gauge
  • Housing wrench and installation accessory pack
  • Optional if selected. Price may vary Booster Pump


  • Rejection rate of 97% to  95% of TDS after the RO Stage
  • Product to Waste Ratio: 1:2
  • Physical Dimensions:
    • RO Unit (with booster pump): 21" L x 6" D x 17" H;
    • Storage Tank: 11" Dia. x 14" Tall
  • Total Weight: Approx. 27 lbs
  • Operation Temperature: 40-104°F / Maximum temperature 40°C.
  • System Operating Pressure: 45-75PSI.
Lower than 45 PSI you must add booster pump + high pressure shut-off switch.
Higher than 75 PSI Add pressure control valve to fix the pressure @60-65PSI.

Warning: This system should only be used with a biologically safe water supply.

Filter cartridges should be changed every 6-12 months under domestic conditions. Filter life varies and depends on the water source quality.

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Filters/Parts for Item Number:101058

6 W UV bulb for 1 GPM
Part Number: 105027
In Stock
Polypropylene Sediment Filter 5 Micron, size 10
Average Rating(1)
14.00  8.00
Part Number: 104002
In Stock
GAC UDF Carbon Filter for Reverse Osmosis & Whole House Systems
Average Rating(1)
24.00  18.00
Part Number: 104004
In Stock
CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Filter 1 Micron size 10
Average Rating(1)
30.00  24.00
Part Number: 104006
In Stock
50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Average Rating(6)
50.00  44.00
Part Number: 104092
In Stock
Average Rating(2)
19.00  17.00
Part Number: 104041
In Stock

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