Virgin mixed bed DI resin for your Car wash, pure water window cleaning systems. 1/2 cubic ft bag.

Virgin mixed bed DI resin for your Car wash, pure water window cleaning systems. 1/2 cubic ft bag.

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Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin (1/2 Cubic Foot)

Deionization is the removal of mineral ions by using the ion exchange process. Using a mixed bed of anion and cation resins, ions, salts, and minerals can be entirely removed from the water. 

Virgin type Mixed Bed DI Resin lasts longer than Regenerated Mixed Bed DI Resin, ensuring you get more for your money.

If you use an RO membrane, the RO membrane has a direct impact on the life-span of the DI. The RO membrane can remove about 95-99% of TDS (minerals) in your water. When a deionization filter is used after the RO membrane, you can expect almost 100% removal of the TDS.

Excellent High-capacity, mixed bed, Industrial grade media for deionization of water for industrial, aquatic, and other water treatment applications.

Safe for all machines,  aquariums: Creates consistent, safe, ultra-pure water for car washing and window cleaning, etc....

All naturally-occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. In solution, salts separate into positively-charged cations and negatively-charged anions. Deionization can reduce the amounts of these ions to very low levels through the process of ion exchange. Cations are removed by cation exchange resin. It replaces sodium, calcium, magnesium and other cations with hydrogen ions (H). This exchange produces acids that must be removed or neutralized by anion exchange resin.

The IonPlus MB-30 is virgin resin. It is not used or regenerated resin.

Mixed Bed Deionization

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DI De-ionization  Aquarium Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin, Clear Refillable Housing
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