How Does The Reverse Osmosis System Work?

Posted by MAX WATER on 3/15/2014 to Blog Articles

It is easy to say that if you want better quality drinking water from the taps in your home, install a reverse osmosis water system. What is not so easy to do is understanding why this water purification system works. It is not difficult to learn how this process works and why it is one of the best ways to filter the tap water in your home.

Filtered through a membrane

Many people think that the name of this system means that it is a very complicated process. That is far from the reality of what is going on. Tap water is passed through a membrane.  In order to get through the membrane the reverse osmosis systems depend on the water pressure that is in the pipes. The membrane will allow small particles to pass through, but not larger particles.

Tap water contains many chemicals and other particles that have been dissolved in the water. These chemicals and other materials are what people want to get rid of. The membrane that is used for this process prevents these formerly solid materials from passing through it. The water that comes out of the other side of the membrane is free of the unwanted chemicals and solids that are in normal tap water. The waste water products that do not get through the membrane are flushed down the drain.

Are all systems the same?

The process of reverse osmosis is the basically the same for all of the ones that are on the market. They may use a few different materials when they are put together, but the process that they use are similar. Clean tap water goes in and filtered tap water comes out the other end. The difference in price between the systems will be a result of more expensive materials surrounding the filters and the amount of advertising that the company that makes it does to sell it to people.

How long has it been used

The process of cleaning out the water impurity through this type of filtration system is not new. It was first recognized over 200 years ago. In 1949, the process was used for desalinization of water. That process has become more widely used and now reverse osmosis systems are being used to provide a home with cleaner drinking water.

Where can it be used?

The reverse osmosis systems can be used in many different ways. It works on both the large scale and on the small scale. People will find portable systems that are perfect for camping and when away from the home. There are other systems that can be put into use in the home without having to make any special connections. Some people like the systems that are tied into the water lines in the house. These should be installed by a professional for the best results.

Once a person understands how the process works, they will probably want to take advantage of what it offers. For anyone that wants to drink clean water that is without all of the chemicals and other unknown things that are in tap water, a reverse osmosis unit is the best way to do it.